This is MethaneSAT

the most advanced satellite in the new climate ‘space race.’


It will locate and measure methane with unparalleled precision-- including many emissions that other satellites simply can’t see.

Some satellites can track methane over wide areas, but don’t have the geographic resolution to identify the sources.

Others can target specific sites, but can’t detect smaller volumes -- missing a significant share of everyday methane emissions.

MethaneSAT will find and measure even the smallest amounts of methane across wide areas - at concentrations as small as just three parts per billion.

MethaneSAT will track emissions back to their source, accurately measuring not only methane concentrations but the emissions rate -- how much is escaping, and from where.

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Cutting methane emissions

is an opportunity we simply cannot afford to waste.

With strong policies, sensible operating practices and tools like MethaneSAT point the way, we can make a huge difference…
starting right now.